Our Story

Kedeyahko (pronounced KE-DAY-A-KO) is not just a polewear brand, it’s a celebratory sisterhood where everyone is welcome, seen, heard and hyped. It is a place where IG followers become family and that’s exactly how it started for Karisse and Evette, Co-Founders of Kedeyahko.  

Pole Studio Christmas Party

Evette and Karisse unknowingly went to the same pole studio but attended different classes. They met at their pole studio christmas party in December 2019 and participated in the obligatory strangers group christmas picture. After a few drinks and selfies, a drunken Karisse asked Evette to find her on the 'internet', with no name given mind you, to send her the pictures that were taken and they both went their separate ways.


Pole Slide in the DMs

Fast forward to July 2020, Karisse was looking for some black girl pole inspo on IG for an upcoming pole photoshoot and came across Evette's pole photoshoot picture. Not realising this was the same girl she had met 7 months ago, she slid into Evette’s DM saying that she had found her picture on a pole photographers IG page. Evette laughingly reminded Karisse that they had previously met and sent her some receipts of drunken pictures taken at the pole studio Christmas Party.  Awkward!!


Polewear Pain Points

Karisse and Evette regularly talked about how powerful it would be to do an African inspired doubles pole photoshoot, that simply dripped with black culture aesthetically. They quickly came to realise that to find Polewear with African inspired prints was almost non-existent. So despite wanting to represent with pride, they could not find where they were being represented. Go figure!


What is for you will not pass you

After taking the courageous leap to start up a polewear brand (like, how hard can it be?), the struggle was REAL to find African inspired prints that they both liked on stretch fabrics that would be suitable for polewear or cost effective. Disheartened but most definitely not defeated, they decided on a concept to create branded custom prints, which would ensure it was unique and provided longevity.

They quickly came to realise that producing a custom African and Caribbean inspired fusion print design was leaving them very uninspired with a number textile designers later, their vision was not being executed. To add salt to injury, they were dropped by their manufacturer as they refused to compromise on their vision for what they wanted for the brand. Oh and then the original name of the brand was opposed for Trademark by a big fish in the pond.

Time to give up, right? Wrong!! Despite costly mistakes, setbacks and huge disappointment, they were both even more determined than ever to see the concept through as it was much more than simply setting up a profitable business, it was about being visible in the polewear industry.

 Kedeyahko was born. #PuttingPrideinPolewear

After a number of costly setbacks and having to find a new name for the brand. Karisse and Evette turned those trials into tribulations and wanted a name which stood for that. As they wanted to celebrate and showcase black culture, the name Kedeyahko was inspired by the Jamaican saying "mi deh yah", which means 'I'm here, all is good". As a small black owned pole brand, this importantly signified that whilst they are a minority, they are here, visible and let's share with the world the beautiful modern afrocentric prints in their polewear.  If you've not guessed by now, KE are the co-founders initials and KO is a cute play on the word company.

Kedeyahko came to conception through the passion of black culture and influential fashion. The desire to create a pole fitness fashion brand that celebrated individuality and a platform that to shine a light on Afrocentric prints that are bold and bright colours inspired by African and Caribbean islands that are statement pieces for women to show up, show out and be their unapologetically dope self. 


Black Girls Rock

While the polewear collection is still cooking. Kedeyahko have introduced  the trio that are the melanated Kedeyahko Kweens called Ebony-Rose,  Sapphire and Nyala, who feature on their merchandise of T-shirts and Tote bags. 

The Co-Founders describe the intent with the 3 pole sisters as pivotal as a further opportunity for BPOC to see themselves represented in their merchandise.

Don't forget to check out the bios of the Kedeyahko Kweens, as these black girls surely do rock and are sprinkling all the magic.

So mek sure 'yuh deh yah' and subscribe to be kept informed of all things Kedeyahko.