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Don't Touch Tote Bag

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The Don't Touch Tote bag is perfect for all your pole essentials. Show off your pole dance pride while also giving the world a piece of your mind.

Made from durable canvas and featuring zip fastening and inside pouch (ideal for that  essential  pole grip or a bold lipstick). This bag is all you need for the studio, the gym, the shops and much more. 

Why not pair it up with the matching T-shirt and make a real statement!

*Water bottle not included 

About The Illustration

Meet Sapphire, who always brings the fire every time she touches the pole. She is a fierce powerhouse, sensual and most definitely the best hype woman you will ever be around. As an advanced poler, sis is serving the spins, tricks and let’s not forget the braided hair flicks.

About The Slogan

'Don’t Touch My Hair, Don’t Touch My Pole’

The concept of the caption of ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ is linked to the historical frustrations and microaggressions that black women have experienced and stems back to history where black people of colour (BPOC) were seen as spectacles to non black people.

Whilst the caption may come across cute, it is still important that there is an education piece on why you should never uninvitedly touch black women's hair, as it is seen as a violation. Adding to the caption ‘Don’t Touch My Pole’, we pole dancers can agree that we have all been guilty of having that favourite pole in class and doing a quick bum shimmy or leaving your pleasers next to the pole, basically saying “Don’t Touch”


Cotton and Polyester.

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38x33cm or 15” x 13”

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